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    Please note: We are currently updating our website so there will be some residues of the older versions of our site roaming around until this monumental task is complete.

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    Free Classifieds - Classified2000.net
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    Creating A Personal Search Agent
    Creating A Personal Search Agent
    When creating a personal search agent, you are using a powerful tool to keep up to date on the newest ads posted to the Free Classifieds - Classified2000.net classified ads system. Using personal search agents allows you to predefine specific search criteria for ads which may contain the information you have specified.

    For example, if you are looking to purchase a Kodak Digital Camera, you could setup a personal search agent criteria to notify you whenever an ad posted to the system contains the keywords Kodak and Digital Camera. If a new ad is posted which meets this criteria, you will receive an email providing you with a link to the new ad posted.

    For best results using a personal search agent, you should be specific in defining your keyword searches. This will minimize the amount email you receive but will provide you notice of ads which most closely match what you are looking for.

    Deleting A Search Agent

    You may delete any predefined searches by returning to the my classifieds area and going to the area to Create A Personal Search Agent.  Personal search agents are automatically deleted after 60 days.  If you wish to continue to receive notices after the search agent has expired, you must setup a new personal search agent.

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