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IMAGINE your business filled with PAID MEMBERS . . . We can now offer our customers the opportunity to buy paid signups (members) for their business opportunities. PEOPLE Who will Actually UPGRADE in your DOWNLINE or Signup for your "Pay to Join" programs - G U A R A N T E E D - 

Consider this . . .

You don't need a free to join option, pay-to-join only programs are approved! We send real QUALIFIED people to make a REAL and honest EVALUATION. Your prospects enter your web site via clicking on your ad link distributed to our network of business related web site so there's ZERO RISK of being accused of spamming and possibly losing your business.

  • Monthly FEE Programs are Okay!
  • Build a PAID MEMBERS downline!
  • Paid Signups Campaign overview . . .

    Once your campaign is active your program ad campaign will be distributed to our network of business related web site on a daily basis. In brief your business related ads are seen by REAL PEOPLE who have shown a DESIRE to achieve a SUCCESSFUL profitable business online, and much more.

    Please note paid signups may take a longer to fill than traditional guaranteed sign-ups but they are well worth the time and money invested when the goal is to build a solid "paid members" income and more.

    Order Guaranteed Paid Signups

    ** These offers are time limited and may end or change without notice **


    We design unique Paid Signups campaigns that will bring new people into your programs!

    * Increase Your Downline/Members Retention Rate Today *

    Order your Paid Signups Advertising (PSA) campaign today and We'll help your new people/signups start building their business! Each new paid signup that signs up through your PSA ad promotion will receive one free PSA campaign worth 2 - 4 paid signups. This added feature improves the overall retention rate of new paid signups/members entering your program/system.

    Sell advertising space to your members!
    You may use any rotator like PageSwirl and add/sell advertising space to your team members with any 50 PSA package or higher.

    Limited Time Offer!
    BIG SAVINGS on Paid Signups Advertising Campaigns!

    Campaigns starting as low as $69! Build your downline, memberships and sales for your Home Based Business offer/s. Businesses we have helped in the past or currently working with are; gobig7, Infinity Profit System, World Ventures, Wealth Generators, iPas 2, Four Corners Alliance Group, karatbars, Empower Network, National Wealth Center (NWC) and many other MLM and Non-MLM businesses. Our advertising system can help build most home businesses, downlines and programs. We are accepting moderate adult websites, dating, etc., please contact us for rates and approval of your site.

    FREE Promotional Offer!
    When you order 20 PSA or more today we'll also feature your business for 90 Days free of charge! This will be extremely beneficial in helping your website reach a higher ranking in search engines. Which means more prosperity for you through acquiring a higher rate of exposure, thus achieving a higher rate of sales, paid memberships and paid signups for your business, offer or program.

    Spend $99 or More Today and Use Promo Code: 10%OFFTODAY to receive 10% off your total order! Only one promo code per order can be used.

    Payment Methods and Other Information: All rates include designing and setting up ads and communicating with potential paid signups/members and advertisers. We currently accept new buyers payments by Cashiers Checks (USA), Bitcoin, International and Domestic Wire payments. Credit/Debit Card. All current customers may renew their campaigns via credit or debit card or any above option.

    Campaigns are usually setup within 1 - 2 business days of payment received. Once your PSA (paid signup advertising) campaign order is placed we will provide the information to complete your payment via the methods mentioned. If you want us to consider a different payment method you may Contact us. We've been in business online since 1998 which is longer than anyone offering this service today so you can be sure we will honestly promote your business throughout our advertising system until your campaign is complete.

    IMPORTANT PLEASE NOTE: Your programs cost or fee to join etc., may be a factor in the current rates offered per campaign. ALL campaigns include 1 - 2 impact ads that we design, 1 - 2 PSA campaigns offered to new paid members/signups for free via our ads as a promotional signup offer. If your fee to join is extremely high or low contact us for an estimate. Please give your program's name and all fees/costs involved in start up and monthly fees if any. Contact

    Testimonial ...
    "I am extremely happy with your service...awesome work. Thanks
    - Scott Wilson, Canada (NWC)

    Order Your Guaranteed Paid Signups Advertising Campaign Below

    ** NEW ** Order Your Video Ad Viewers Advertising Campaign Below


    Contact us for available ad placement.


    Classified 2000 is now accepting Bitcoin for all our services. Bitcoin is a good alternative payment system and for a limited time we will take 10% off your first purchase of $99 or more when you pay us with Bitcoin. This special offer is valid for ALL our advertising services.

    If you have any questions please contact us. If you're not familiar with Bitcoin you should learn more about Bitcoin. We recommend (US based company) as a wallet and exchange. However, there are many that provide wallets and exchanges funding internationally as well. We recommend visiting for more information about Bitcoin and how to get started. For the latest update news and information about Bitcoin check out


    "Thank you very much for your service to our members. Our members have ordered your guaranteed paid sign-ups and I must say, the results are coming in faster than I expected. Our members that ordered your service started seeing results in just 2 days. Keep up the fantastic job!" - Rob Nunes

    "Hi guys, great job! Within 5 days I had the campaign for my order set up and in 7 days I had 3 paid referrals in my downline. Your service is a goldmine! I highly appreciate your professionalism. I liked your tracking system that notified me in the e-mail of the new sign-up to verify it. Your fair and affordable prices, can help lots of people to see fast results in their Infinity Downline business". - Bogdan Graur CEO MoneyPipes

    "Hello, my name is Fred Mars I just purchased 15 Guaranteed Paid Signups from Classified 2000 5 days ago. I've already received my 1st Paid Signup. I'm so excited about building my Infinity Downline Business with Guaranteed Paid Signups from Classified 2000. I'm looking forward to working with them for years to come. The possibilities are endless". - Fred Mars USA

    NEW! Earn 10,000 or more! For Limited Time Only We're Accepting Resellers!

    Open a Paid Signups Advertising Reseller account with us today!
    Sell to your members and others! Earn 10,000 or more! Contact us

    PLEASE NOTE: Accepting a limited amount of resellers at this time. This offer may end without notice.
    Buy Paid Signups
    Signups Type Login Targeting EDT QTY Campaigns
    Paid Signups YES Only countries allowed to join your program * 60 - 90 days,
    Please read our Terms.
    No Limit

    Have any questions about our paid signups service, or regarding your order status: contact us

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