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Premium Pre-qualified Guaranteed Referrals - always fresh!

We have taken Internet marketing to a whole new level with our new guaranteed referrals program. We are now able to build downlines and bring in new members to ALL of your programs, not just the ones that are free to join! We have 1.5 Million (fresh prospects) potential customers each month waiting to join our clients business opportunities etc. We've join forces with several Major Internet Marketing firms to bring you massive pre-qualified targeted prospects. Prospects that are seriously looking for income opportunities etc.

These are prospects who have filled out our forms asking for more information about business opportunities and other points of interest on the web * see complete list below. All referrals are prescreened including the amount of money they have available to start a home business and more. Once these prospects have submitted their information - we then carefully "match" them to your opportunity. Once that process is completed we then send them a highly professionally designed html full color email - that will include your link. All emails are sent out from our server and are 100% spam free.
They're not paid to read, or visit etc.

Thanks for infusing new life into my business. I recently purchased your 10,000 guaranteed referrals pack and the results have been simply amazing! Well worth the money spent. Cheers! Jamie S - UK

Accepting All Programs  . . . 

The amount of referrals you order is the amount of pre-qualified, targeted, highly interested prospects that we will contact on your behalf and filter to your site. There is no sign-up or sales guarantee of any kind.

It's conversion that really matters!

Not how many "numbers" you have in your downline. Since these people are not paid or bribed to join your program, they will make a much better downline for you. It's better to have 10 ACTIVE, WORKING people in your downline than hundreds of people who do nothing. 

What do we Guarantee?

For example: If you order 1000 Guaranteed Referrals from us, that means that we will hand pick people who match your program offer including the amount of money they are willing to spend on a business opportunity, or product. We then send this group of people your quality designed page ad and we track them so you are GUARANTEED that you will get 1000 prospects to visit your web site and seriously examine your offer. Please Note: You will receive login so you can view your referrals stats 24/7.

If your referrals like your offer or product(s), they will Sign-up or Buy!

Country and Category Targeting is available:
We can virtually target any group of people needed for your business/s or service/s. You will have the opportunity to send us your advertising URL and targeting choices after your payment is completed.

Target Countries
United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, North America - United States, Canada
Europe - Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom
Worldwide - All Countries

Your URL (link) should NOT contain any Adult or illegal content.

Thank you for all the orders!
If you placed a new order - please be patient - orders are being processed as received.


Order Pre-qualified targeted Guaranteed Referrals below...
Co-op buys using rotator link are welcome!

Real-time Guaranteed Referrals
We accept all major credit cards, plus debit and e-check payment processing and more!

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Improved Service and Lower Rates

Signups Type Targeting Delivery rate QTY Price Secure Payment
Guaranteed Referrals YES * EDT good 500 $69.99
Guaranteed Referrals YES * EDT good 1000 $129.99
Guaranteed Referrals YES * EDT good 2000 $199.99
Guaranteed Referrals YES * EDT good 5000 $239.99
Guaranteed Referrals YES * EDT good 6000 to 10000 Starting at $299.99

* Please note Referrals are derived from an advertising process and we can not and do not guarantee any particular rate of delivery, we do however guarantee delivery of the total amount of Referrals you purchase through us.

If you have any questions please contact us.

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