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Guaranteed Sign-ups: Term of Service

We have a new Look, Improved Rates and Service! is a leading provider of quality advertising and CPA (cost-per-action) solutions like our guaranteed signups. Providing quality service to THOUSANDS of people and businesses WORLDWIDE since 1998. We know how to advertise your business. We use a majority of our own in house advertising resources with some outsourcing to supply our customer/clients with quality prospective leads.

Offering quality targeted country specific and global targeted guaranteed signups just right for your MLM programs, 100% Free to Join trial offers, home business opportunities, debt consolidation, credit card offers, casinos/gambling, dating programs and more. Many of our new customers and clients are reporting as having very good results with the guaranteed signup leads we supplied them.

Testimonial ...
"Wow! You guys are the Greatest! 1000 signups in less than 30 days and conversions are starting to roll in. I know even more will upgrade after sending out a few more follow ups. Our hat's are off to you guys, you're the absolute best in the business!" - Thomas & Andrew USA is affiliated with several large advertising networks that receive several million unique visitors each month, when you place an order for guaranteed sign-ups (pre-enrollees) our affiliates will broadcast your specially prepared link advertisement across these networks that will be displayed to targeted surfers until you receive the number of sign-ups you ordered.

How it works: 
We use many different forms of advertisements including banner ads, popups, and text ads but they all click-through to your sign-up page.

Example Text Ad:
Tired of your dead-end job? Small paycheck getting you down? Want to make money online? Then why not join one of the most profitable online business opportunities for FREE! Click for details now!

Because these are voluntary guaranteed sign-ups you can use them with almost any program. Use them to help build your optin mailing list, mlm program(s), or have them request information about your product or service, or have them sign-up for your affiliate lead programs and get paid for generating real leads! You can even use free trial offers as long as no credit card or payment information is required.

FAQ about Guaranteed Sign-ups

Q . What does PREMIUM, semi-qualified Platinum, and  pre-qualified Gold Platinum mean? And why do they it cost more?

A . With PREMIUM signups we use enhanced advertising techniques to get results faster than the traditional signups methods. This cost us more to product hence the higher cost to you. Semi qualified Platinum, and Pre qualified Gold Platinum go through a questionnaire process first and then they're redirected to your signups page to signup. Semi qualified answer fewer questions than Pre qualified. Pre qualified being the best of all.

Q . What rate of sign-ups can I expect per day?

A . Once your ad promotion begins and if your program is not being heavily campaigned by other program members you should see sign-ups coming in daily. Newer programs will receive sign-ups very fast!  Please note we do not promise, nor do we guarantee any specific sign-up rate. Sign-up rates can and do vary greatly depending on your programs appeal, targeting used, and heavy campaigning by other members.

Q. What does the GUARANTEE cover? 

A . We will supply enough interested people that will sign-up for your program to fill your order - people that are contact able through email - GUARANTEED!

Q . Do you track guaranteed sign-ups to my program? 

A .  We use several methods of tracking. One of the ways we track signups is through a unique system. Each order goes through an editing stage where one of our editors visits your program and does a test sign-up. This ensures that the link is working correctly and allows the editor to see what will happen. This test sign-up is in no way counted toward your total purchase order. Once your campaign is under way it is removed from your order, in fact you may never even see it.

Q . Do you pay people to sign-up?

A . Absolutely not! We use different forms of advertising including banner ads, popups, and text ads etc. We do not pay sign-ups to click-through to your sign-up page and sign-up.

Q . Is there a danger of getting accused of spam?

A . Absolutely not!


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